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Tammy Rarities from Around the World


by Cindy Sabulis and Rebecca Wingler

Since the Tammy Rarities from Around the World book was first published in 2011, we have received many notes from happy customers who are enjoying the book featuring the Ideal Tammy doll. Below are just some of their comments:


"Tammy Rarities from Around the World is the best!"

"This is the best Ideal Tammy book. So many great photos showing Tammy dolls. Love it!"

“This is the first book I've seen with so many Japanese Tammy items! I have wanted to see a book like this for a long time!”

“FAB book.”

“Thank you for amazing research, wonderful book !!”

“Read your 2nd Tammy book.  I really enjoyed it -- another job well done!”

“The book is fantastic !!!”

“I love this book! I purchased a copy and was blown away by all the photos and information in it. Thank you for all your hard work writing it.”

“Book arrived safely. It far exceeded my expectations.”

“Received your book and I LOVE it!! I particularly love the section with "Susi" in mod clothing, and p. 121's illustrations of the beautiful wedding dress.”

“I got my book in the mail today and it is FAB-U-lous”

“Fantastic book”

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the copies of the books you sent and I am very pleased. What a nice piece of work, I am very impressed by the high quality!!!”

“Your new Tammy Book is just great and my friend and I will sure to enjoy it.”

“I can't read much English, but this book shows me so many great pictures that I can enjoy watching them.”

“Tammy book arrived safely 'down under' today. It is wonderful, congratulations; you must have spent so much time on research.” 

“I received the book today. The book had more pictures than I expected, and it shows me so many other kinds of Tammys from other countries. Amazing! Thank you very much for all the work.”

“The second (current) Tammy book is wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work.”

“The book is here and it looks GREAT!!!! I've had a quick flip-through already, and I can see that I won't get anything else done today, because now I have to sit down with a box 'o' bon-bons and just READ!!”

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